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Oh MY this was amazing!!

I went to Café Gratitude downtown - an all vegan (including raw honey, in some dishes, however) little awesome, perfect, wonderful hole-in-the-wall place that I will be going to as often as possible from now on!

Their dishes were named with affirmations! So I got ‘I am Enlightened’ a kombucha/vegan vanilla ice cream float, a half-order of ‘I am Gorgeous’ - a super awesome salad with apples, fig, various lettuces, and, unfortunately, cilantro - next time I will remember to ask them to hold that - and ‘I am Peace’, a delectable live-onion bagel with nori “lox”, avocado, sprouts, tomato, and THE MOST WONDERFUL cashew cream “cheese”!

My friend got ‘I am Aloha’: delicious fresh baby coconut water, ‘I am Pure’ - another awesome salad - and ‘I am Magical’ a wonderful veggie burger with sprouts, veggies, avocado and vegan mozzarella.

Finally, we topped it off with ‘I am Bliss’, which was a delicious raw vegan chocolate hazelnut pie with raw hazelnuts on top and cocao nibs. kansas city cafe gratitude vegan personal

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